DOES14 – Dave Swersky – PNC – DevOps: From the Center Out


Dave Swersky, Lead Enterprise Architect, Development Standards and DevOps Transformation, PNC Bank at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2014

PNC Bank is undergoing a major transformation. By the time DevOps Enterprise is underway in October, a whole new set of tools and a new datacenter will be online, making a complete DevOps-oriented infrastructure available.

Having these tools in place is far from a guarantee of success, however. As we all know, DevOps is not just a set of tools. Automating broken processes only makes the wrong steps move faster. The challenge for my team, Architectural Development Standards, is to communicate the critical aspects of DevOps throughout our enterprise.

One of my team’s missions, as part of Enterprise Architecture, is to promote the benefits of DevOps principles and practices to management, development and operations: From the Center Out. This presentation will be about the lessons learned in communicating DevOps principles to many stakeholders in a large enterprise.

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