First Steps in Poland: SIM Card, Flat/Room, Bank Account


LOL, I write better than I speak on the screen. Well, you have to start somewhere and this attempt is good as any. 😀

Links and additional info for the video:

1. Mobile carriers

Play –
Orange –

Details: I chose the Play plan called "Od Nowa". Your preferences may differ, e.g. you might want a full package for 25zl (around 7USD) for "Fomula Unlimited" at Play or a full package at Orange (they have good offers right now). There are many details and they call for a another video with a thorough review.

2. Bank Account

ING Bank –
Internet banking at ING –
Android app –
iOS app –

Details about ING:
Opening an account is 0zl. Maintaining an account is 0zl. Plastic is either 0zl or 7zl a month: if you top up/withdraw/spend 300zl (around 75USD) then it's 0zl, otherwise it's 7zl a month. Plastic type – Visa Classic (paywave, embossed). You can top up your account in EUR, USD or GBP. Plastic delivery takes around 7 days in total (i.e. 5-6 working days). Transfers between Polish banks are free and to another country in the EU – 5zl. The app provides English interface.

3. Renting an ap/room (websites aggregators)

Otodom –
Gumtree –

Details: just use Google Translate and navigate to the needed section of the site through the categories, e.g. Real Estate – Apartments or Real Estate – Rooms.

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