Build Business Credit in 30 Days – Business Credit 2019


If you want to build business credit in 30 days, there’s a new business credit building strategy to pay attention to. Whether you are a startup or existing business you can start building business credit fast.

As you know access to business credit and funding is an essential part of running a successful company. The most important thing to realize is the benefits of business credit is not only available for big business. Startups and small businesses can also enjoy the same benefits and leverage that a big business has once they know the process and put it into action.

Before you start building business credit you will need to incorporate your business, obtain an EIN number and open a business bank account. Your EIN is basically a social security number for your business. This is the number used on your company’s federal tax filings and it’s required to open a business bank account in the company’s name.

With an EIN, your business will be able to establish its own business credit identity which is separate from your own personal credit identity. This is required if you want to build business credit in 30 days.
By applying the steps listed here you can build a business credit report with 12-15 business accounts reporting with the business credit reporting agencies such as Dun and Bradstreet, Experian Commercial and Equifax Small Business.
Although there are many ways you can go about establishing business credit in your company’s name. The fastest way is to follow the five steps that we cover in this presentation. Each of the steps to build business credit outlines here are designed to maximize your future credit limit recommendations while gaining access to working capital.
New credit opportunities for your business will become available with a strong business credit report. Once you have a business credit score and multiple payment experiences you can advance the process by getting additional credit from retailers, banks and business credit card issuers using only your EIN.
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