Investment Market Outlook for 2017 – TD Bank


Bruce Cooper, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer, TD Asset Management, shares the 2017 investment outlook.

Looking at the economy, we live in a persistent low growth world and that was definitely the situations through most of 2016 which is why rates have been so low. Central bank kept their foot firmly on the accelerator. We also have quantitative easing in Europe. Rates stayed low in the US right till the end of the year. We had all the political surprises created equity market volatility. As 2016 finished, it finished with a flourish. The economy exited 2016 in better shape than have been through most of the year, meaning US accelerated a little bit, as well as Europe. We also had the election the United States and in the end the market viewed very favorably the kind of policies that Donald Trump has been talking about.

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