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Board member Larry Brakebush discusses the work of People for People, a local SGV foodbank, which meets the needs of hungry families in Alhambra, Monterey Park, Rosemead, San Gabriel, Temple City and Arcadia. There is a high need for any type of donations including food, money, or volunteers. People for People serves around 300 families a month is located at 1311 Las Tunas. Please bring donations before 3pm.

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Dedicated to the late Larry Brakebush

Memorial Services Held for Larry Brakebush
Sat, January 05, 2013 10:11 AM David Barron 0 Comments
By Art Landing
WEST SAN GABRIEL VALLEY – A memorial service was held January 4, at the Temple City Baptist Church for Larry Brakebush, 68, who served as board chairman of People for People, a well known non-profit organization in the West San Gabriel Valley.

More than 150 persons were in attendance at the memorial services for Brakebush. He passed away on December 11.

Speakers at the memorial service commented that Larry led an active and memorable life. He was recalled as always encouraging, known for a streak of boisterousness accented by a friendly sense of humor he coached many youth sports teams. He was also an active traveler and avid outdoorsman known for camping and hunting with his family.

He was noted for attending every school event possible of his own children and also his grandchildren. In retirement he also attended events of some of his grandchildren's friends who made him their surrogate grandpa. But he wasn't a just passive spectator at sports events — he was invariably a sideline surrogate coach, loudly reminding batters and catchers alike of what they needed to do. This behavior persisted even on days when he had earlier endured chemotherapy.

He worked for the Los Angeles Sheriff's department for 35 years before retiring in 2000.

Co-workers recall the way he transported inebriated revelers to the lockup during the Holiday Season. He would frequently manage to get them singing Feliz Navidad In the patrol car. As a hostage negotiator he had a uniquely personal approach, talking the suspectds into thinking of alternatives they could be doing — in one case even recommending college classes to be taken "once we get this mess straightened out."
Larry came to California from his native Washington at the age of two with his parents, first settling in Alhambra and then moving to Arcadia where he graduated from high school. In adulthood he was a lifelong member of the Temple City Baptist Church where he was married and served in many capacities. He was involved with the People for People food bank for decades, serving as Chairman of its Board for ten years after his retirement.

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