Certificate of Deposit

Certificate of Deposit is a instrument by which banks and financial institutions deposit customer`s money with some yield fixed in advance. It is also available online and by many financial institutions other than banks. CD (Certificate of Deposit) is a safe method for investing money which you have earned with so much of hard work. In this recessionary period everyone looks for a reliable source and best place where they can see latest updates so that they can invest or deposit their money.

This section belongs for those who are interested in investment of their money. If you are looking to invest at low risk and short term investment then probably the best method is CD which certainly will fetch more interest than your savings accounts.

Before you invest your hard earned money in CD you must consult to a financial advisor or do market research and do some comparison to find the best CD rates in various banks. The better the CD rate is the more will be the term period of deposit. Financial advisor is helpful in giving details of minimum deposits, penalties in withdrawing money before the term period, stability or creditability of bank and other related information.

However I find a good website where I found such relevant information. The name of website is dollarbanker.com. I found good news and updates on the site.

It gives information about various Banks and their interest rates and bank reviews so that one can set his priorities accordingly. It also gives information and updates on following on CD Rates, Best Credit Cards, Money Market Rates, Reward Checking Account, and High Interest Savings.

It is difficult to find so much updated information on one place so this site seems to do the job for me. I found it interesting and profitable you can also try your luck.

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