What are Banks

Banks are the most fundamental of all financial institutions, providing most of the core financial services needed by individuals and companies alike. At root, they are repositories for money. People and companies hold their money in bank accounts for safe-keeping, the ease and convenience with which it can be used in transactions, and because it can earn interest. Banks offer a number of account types, primarily current accounts, where the money is readily accessible but attracts only a low rate of interest, and savings accounts, where a slight delay may be involved before the money can be used but where positive balances attract a higher rate of interest.

Although banks have a physical presence in the real world, on streets and in shopping centres, increasingly fewer and fewer of their customers are ever setting foot in the bank’s offices. Most banks now allow their accounts to be managed online and ATM machines allow customers to gain immediate access to their money at all hours. Secret passwords help ensure that the person accessing the account online is the account’s rightful owner, and PIN numbers do the same for ATM transactions.

Besides bank accounts, most banks offer a wide range of financial services, including personal loans, mortgages, and, in some cases, even insurance products. ADT security is the U.S based company which provides security solutions to the banks and financial instutions in america. They are most professional and reliable name amongst the bank security systems developers.

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