What is Payroll

A payroll is a document recording all information pertaining to the remuneration of a company’s employees. It will typically include such information as the amounts actually disbursed to the employee, sometimes known as net pay. Any deductions that were made will also be included. These could be direct deductions undertaken by the employer for things such as breakages; they could be contributions to some internal company scheme, such as a savings scheme; they could be deductions made on behalf of the government, for example some countries require employers to deduct their employees tax or social security payments from wage checks and forward the money to the government; or they could be contributions made to some external scheme on a voluntary basis – some countries permit employees to make regular contributions to charities directly from the wages (the amount given is usually deducted before tax is paid so this can be a very efficient method of giving to a worthwhile cause). Any bonuses that were awarded to the employee will also be included in payroll documentation.

Many companies operate bonus schemes under which exceptional performance by their employees is rewarded financially through bonus payments. Some companies also traditionally award bonus payments to all their employees at specific times of year, such as Christmas.

Many companies provides outsourcing of payroll which is known as PEO or Professional Employer Organization. Payroll outsourcing services is also known as employee leasing or staff leasing. Peo services in the United States of America began in the early 1940’s and it is operated in all 50 states of the U.S.

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